U.S. clinic introduces ‘Medical Second Opinion’ to improve services in Nigeria

Determined to bring quality medical care to the doorsteps of Nigerians, Kinghaven Medical System a medical clinic in Houston Texas, United State (US), will be operating medical services in Nigeria called “Medical Second Opinion.”

The purpose of this medical programme is to provide second opinion to patients in Nigeria that have unresolved medical issues to travel to US. This will provide laboratory tests for the patients that will be conducted by medical specialist both locally and internationally.

Speaking at the Medical Second Opinion press briefing to unveil the product in Ikeja, Lagos, the Chief Medical Officer of the company George Miller, said his company is prepared in assisting Nigeria patients in procurement of visa and making recommendation to US embassy in Nigeria and follow up. He also informed that Kinghaven Medical System is also operating in India.

Miller noted that the process would be after the patients meet with their primary care doctor or specialist about their medical issues in Nigeria, patients that want to a second opinion could contact the company. This include consultation with physician in USA through visual synchronous media like skype, face time among others.

Miller explained in terms of payment, enquires would require a down payment non-returnable amount of $100. “This payment is applied to reduce patient’s final bill. Patients after recommendation, will be required to deposit total amount required for treatment in US prior to the company’s recommendation for visa amount will reduce specialist fees as presented during consultation. Fees for accommodation and other services requested for by the patient. Two months deposit for apartment and vehicle. Patients are expected to replenish their account as the balance draws low during treatment. At the end of the treatment a final bill will be issued and balance refunded to patient.”

However, Miller stated that his company will also provide sustainable furnished apartment accommodation as alternative to hotel and assist in providing vehicles and driver including scheduling appointment with the best specialists within a very short period of time.

“We will assign a provider to provide companion for patients 24 hours quality healthcare service and ensure quick resolution to patient’s issues so that time is US is reasonable.”

Asked what inspired him to come to Nigeria, he said: “Over the years lots of Nigerians coming over here seeking for medical assistance in terms of treatment some times they do not know where to go and what to do and they spend a lot of money and time here. So, we feel it is time to provide useful information to Nigerians in terms of medical treatments in our clinic.”

‘The reason why we choose Nigeria is because we have Nigerians working with us so; we feel this will be an opportunity to offer medical assistance to Nigerians. And we feel that Nigeria is good place to establish a business though we operate in other countries but Nigeria is our major partner. We feel if we satisfy Nigerians we have satisfied the whole world.”

Project Consultant, Shegun Olagundoye, said the clinic’s medical service will be accessible to patients in Nigeria, irrespective of the health issues. He said the clinic provides medical assessments to Nigerians, at the same time it will seek decision of the patient in Nigeria and patient’s decision is the integral part of this medical service.

“So, if the patient is to come over to US, medical personnel will attend to the patient within one or two days rather than to stay up to a month before receiving medical treatments.

“The medical personnel we have include oncologists, gynaecologists, cardiologists, dentists, plastic surgeons and mental health experts among others medical professionals. When the patient comes back to Nigeria the treatment continues because we do follow up treatments to ensure that our patients are properly attended to. The medical services are very affordable though we cannot determine the particular amount of money for now, because it is difficult to give price without accessing the particular patient.

“We are associated with one of the best medical services in the world one of oncologist is a best oncologists in America. Our medical personnel have over 35 years of experience; these are some of the things that make our clinic to stand out. We have medical personnel that can diagnose patient in Nigeria irrespective of the diseases the patient might be suffering from.”

“However, in future times, depending on environment in Nigeria we are going to partner with Health Maintenance Organisation (HMO), to maintain international medical best practice to ensure we offer best service to our patients.”

Source: Guardian

May 25, 2017

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