Scientists query Igbo ways of measuring penis length

Three Nigerian researchers have queried a popular way of measuring a man’s penis length among the Igbo.

The scientists note that among the Igbo, it is believed that the length of a man’s penis can be guessed correctly, based on his physique and the size of his buttocks.

The scholars submit that while that postulation does have a scientific basis, their findings are actually the opposite of that traditional way of measuring the penis length.

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In a study published in the West African Journal of Medicine, researchers at the Nnamdi Azikwe University, comprising Dr. Orakwe Jideofor Chukwuma of the Medicine Department, Dr. Ebuh G.U. and Dr. Ogbuagu B.O. note that in Nigeria, especially among the Igbo tribe, there is a well-held belief that a man’s penis size can be predicted from his physique and the size of his buttocks.

The tradition held that people of small physique and flat buttocks are likely to have long penises.

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For the study, the scientists measured the stretched penis length in 115 men between the ages of 30 and 65 years, during which they also determined how the penis length correlated with the body mass index and the circumference of the hip as measured around the most prominent points on the subjects’ buttocks.

In their findings, the scholars note that statistically, there was no significant correlation between stretched penis length and body mass index, taking into consideration a man’s entire physique.

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They also note that there was a significant direct correlation between penis length and gluteal (buttocks) size.

They concluded that the long-held belief that there is a relationship between the length of a man’s penis and his buttocks size may indeed have a scientific basis, but contrary to popular belief, a man with large buttocks may actually have longer penis than a man with small buttocks.

They also concluded that a man’s penis length has no relationship with how big or small he is in terms of physique.

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May 12, 2017

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