01 Apr

cerebral palsy<br />PHOTO :CNN

The Programme Director of Magnificent Therapy Service, an organisation that works and cares for children with special needs and developmental challenges, Bidemi Jaiyesimi has appealed to government, public and private organisations to build support centres for children and adults with cerebral palsy, Down Syndrome, autism and other mental conditions for management of the disabilities.

He noted this during a walk held in Yaba, Lagos to create awareness for cerebral palsy patients, aimed at sentisising the public on the risk factors, causes and management of the infirmity.

Explaining that people living with the ailment suffer excruciating pains from cradle to grave, he said: “The major cause of any mental disability in a child is negligence and ignorance of mothers on how to care for themselves during pregnancy, which might result in fever and other deteriorating condition for the unborn child.”

He, therefore, urged expectant mothers not to depend only on antenatal care, but to also have access to a personal doctor, as soon as they conceive.

Source: Guardian